A review of the simply fit board, is it the right balance trainer for you?

The simply fit balance board is a type of balance board that falls into the category of a twist balance board.

Twist balance boards are curved boards that allow you to rock from side to side and sometimes from heel to toe.  

Additionally, the curve to the board creates a fulcrum which allows you to spin on the board quickly.

Twist balance board become more challenging to use when the curve of the board becomes more pronounced and when nubs are placed under the board to allow you to work on heel to toe balance.

The simply fit board has a gentle curve that will cause the board to react slower this makes the board ideal for people new to balance training.

Does the simply fit balance board work?

Balance is a skill that you can improve by training your balance, you can do this with bodyweight exercise, or using one of the many balance training tools on the market such as the simply fit board.

So, yes this board can be used to improve your balance.


The simply fit for weight loss or fitness

The simply fit board is not a miracle fat loss device, it is a piece of workout equipment that will allow you to do a low impact cardio or strength training workouts in your own home.

 This product can be effective for weight loss If you can consistently do a 20 to 40-minute workouts while sticking to a diet.

The safety of the simply fit board.

As with any balance training devices, there is always a chance of taking a fall, so you have to figure out if you are willing to take that risk.

With that being said twist balance board are safer to use then balance boards that sit on top of a roller but are more dangerous then practicing body weight balance exercises.

How to use the simply fit board.

One way the minimize the risk of taking a fall is to spend some time getting comfortable practicing some basic moves on the board before jumping into a full simply fit workout routine.  

You can practice rocking from side to side and from heel to toe to until you get comfortable performing those movements.

Once you get more comfortable with those moves, you can start to try more challenging movements like rotations and spins on the board.

Also when you first start it is a good idea to have something nearby (like the wall) that you can grab onto to catch yourself if you feel like you are going to lose your balance.

If you want to reduce the change of getting injured, you can wear some safety gear such as a bike helmet and skateboarding knee, elbow and wrist protection.



Where to find the best Simply fit workout routines.


Simply fit has done a good job of offering a bunch of free workouts videos that can be found on their youtube channel.

Also youtube fitness vloggers have taken notices of the popularity of the simply fit board and started to put out a lot more free high quality workout routines that use the simply fit board.

They types of works out routines that you can find on youtube and range from being focused on cardio, strength training, mobility training or a combination of all of these so you will be sure to find a workout that suits your needs.

The simply fit youtube channel is good resource for free work out routines and learning how to do individual exercises.

Rosalie Brown`s Youtube channel is a good place to learn how to do individual exercises and for full length routines because she has made over 25 high quality video featuring the simply fit board.


Troubleshooting the simply fit board


What if the simply fit board is too challenging to use?

You can try placing the simply fit board on carpet or an area rug this will help to slow down the speed of the board so you will have more time to react and correct your balance.

The thicker the carpet is, the more it will slow down the board.


What if you do not find the board challenging enough or you feel you have out grown the simply fit board and looking a way to continue to challenge your balance skills.

You can try a more advanced twist balance board that will react quicker to your movements, spin faster and allow you to work your on heel to toe balance.

Keep in mind that a more advanced board will mean you are more likely to take a fall, so you have to be ok with taking that risk.

One of the most advanced twist styles of balance boards is the Vew-do nub.


Can the simply fit boards damage your floors?

It is recommended to place the simply fit board onto a matt if you do not wish to cause any damage to the flooring you are using it on. You can use exercise or yoga mats, old area rugs or my favorite a plastic chair mat.


To sum it up, who would the simply fit board be best for and who should avoid it.


Who the simply fit board would be best for?

Someone who is looking for a low-risk way to improve their balance.

Keep in mind lows risk does not mean no risk, there is always a chance you may take a fall and get injured.

Someone looking to get started with a low-impact workout routine at home without have having invest in an expensive low-impact cardio machine.

The simply fit board will allow you to get your heart rate up without the impact on your joins unlike alternatives like running.

Someone who has not worked out in awhile and is looking to ease their way into improving their mobility, strength, and balance.


Who the simply board is not good for?

Athletes or people already hardcore into fitness may not feel the board is challenging enough. It may be good to use every once an awhile to mix things up, but I do not see this group of people willing to completely drop their existing routines to use the simply fit board strictly.

People into board sports who are looking to improve their balance. I think there are much better choices of balance trainers for improved performance in board sports check out one of my guides for the board sport that you are into for more information.

The elderly looking to improve balance for fall prevention. I think balance training for the elderly should always be done under the supervision of a physical therapist to help prevent injuries from taking a fall because as you age you more likely to get severely injured from taking a fall.


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