Photo by   Mark Faviell Photos

Photo by Mark Faviell Photos

Bodyweight Balance Articles



Advanced strength and balance exercise.

12 advanced bodyweight exercise that will challenge your strength and balance.

A good place for beginners to find some exercises to pick to set as a long term goal.

Introduction guide to Acro Yoga. 

Find out how to get starting in this quickly growing practice that combines yoga and partner acrobatics.

Video guide to all standing balance yoga and pilates poses

I have put together a playlist of over 35  "how to" videos for every single standing balance yoga pose.

They start with very simple poses and progress to extremely challenging pose.

Video guide to all arm balance yoga poses

I have put together a playlist of 20  "how to" videos for every single arm balance yoga pose.

They start with very simple poses and progress to extremely challenging pose.

Free full length  body weight balance yoga work out routines

10 of the best free yoga routines ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour.

Recommended bodyweight exercise training books.

New to bodyweight training but not sure how to keep on progressing. Lean how with some of my favorite bodyweight training books.


Introduction into Bodyweight Balance Training.

 3 types of low cost body weight balance training.


1. Body weight yoga poses.

Yoga has many arm and leg balances poses for all different skill levels. I think it is probably the best way to start balance training because it is free and less risk of injury then a balance traning device . Check out my arm and leg yoga balance video playlists. I put together a list of how to videos on how to do almost every yoga balance pose.

2. Bodyweight balance plus strength training movements.

This is a great place to start if you want to combine you balance training  with a strength training exercise routine. The best way to get into this is to start off  with simpler versions or extremely challenging exercises until you reach you goal.  Check out my article on bodyweight exercies books, these books lay out a plan to get started or check out my article on advanced bodyweight exercise for some video examples.

3. Using things you find in your environment to balance on.

This ones pretty simple, if you see a curb walk on it like a balance beam. Some other good things to try to balance on in your enviroment could be drain pipes, tree roots, rocks what ever else you can think of.


Body weight balance exercise are a great way to get into balance training because they cost absolutely nothing to do.  

Mastering  bodyweight balance will make using a balance training devices easier to get started with. Balance  training devices are not necessary to getting better balance but they are a lot of fun to use once you start to get good with them.


Here are some examples of bodyweight balance yoga poses, exercises and things you can use in your environment to balance on. For a more in depth look at all of these thing check out some of my bodyweight balance articles.

Tree pose

Eagle pose

Warrior 3 pose


Half moon pose


Body weight with strength


Single leg "pistol" squat

Hand stand 

Hand stand push up

Frog / Crow stand