Balance Training Forum, Message Board and SubReddit

I originally planed on making a message board / forum but square space does not offer it so i would have to create another site to do so. Right now i don't think these is much demand for it but in the future if this sites starts getting more traffic i will create one when i have the time.

Their already are many great  message boards out their but they are very niche such as slackline forums, skateboard forums, surfing forums, stability balls forums, acro yoga forums, yoga forums, bodyweight exercise training forums that have information on balance training so i think a general balance training forum might be to broad of a category to create a forum for.

Additionally im not sure if i cant get all these different type of people to come to one forum and play nice with each other.

But i have created a subreddit on balance training and i will be updating it with all the interesting things i find related to balance training as i come across them.

The balance training subreddit is at

For those unfamiliar with subreddits they are kind of like a message board / forum in that it allows discussions on topics posted.


I will be continuing  to update the resource page as i add more content to the site.