I started this site because i first tried surfing at an older age (29) and loved it but realized if i wanted to improve rapidly i needed to find ways to improve my balance without actually surfing because i live in nyc the waves and weather conditions aren't always great and i have a busy life so i don't have time to go the beach everyday to get better.

 I ran to the internet looking for ways to improve my balance but was let down by the scattered information and lack of content i could find so i am creating this site to put everything i learn about balance training in one simple to use site.



Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions

Can i send you some free balance related,equipment, book,videos, ect.for an honest review of it on your site.

Yes, contact me at

I run a site/Blog/Message board/Subreddit that is related to balance training, would you like to do a link sharing thing.

Absolutely ,contact me at

This site is awesome is there anything i can do for you to show you some appreciation for making this awesome site without actually giving you cash.


If there is a article you like, share it on your social medial or relevant message board. People organically  sharing links to this site will helps drive more traffic to it.

Donate pictures of yourself on your favorite balance related equipment or doing balance related bodyweight stuff. I will use the pictures on my site so i don't have to keep using these lame stock photos on the site. Additionally if i use your picture ill make sure to give you a photo credit to help promote your instagram, flickr, blog, youtube channel or what ever. Send photos to

Donate a balance training article. Wright an article on something to do with balance training ill post it on this site andgive your credit and promote your blog, youtube channel, product or anything else.

Donate video of yourself on your favorite balance related equipment or doing balance related bodyweight stuff i will put it on the balancetraingforum youtube channel and this site. 

This site it awesome can i give you some cash?

Sure that would be nice, but i have not set anything up for that yet 

Have you actually used any of theses products on the site?

Some of them, the reason i wright about all the different balance training equipment is because i want to eventually usesome of it as i progress in my training.

There is no message board or forum whats up with that?

My original plan for the site was to have a message board but as of now squarspace does not have any plugins for that so if i want to set one up it would be an added cost in money and time for me. Maybe if their is a demand for it i will create one.

But i have created a subreddit on balance training and i will be updating it with all the interesting things i find related to balance training as i come across them.

The balance training subreddit is at

For those unfamiliar with subreddits they are kind of like a message board / forum in that it allows discussions on topics posted.

Your spelling and grammar upsets me why do you even have this blog?

One of the reasons I decided to put this blog together was to challenge myself; writing was not one of my stronger skills. I feel like I have been continually improving my writing skills since I started this blog and am always going back to revise and update my old post one day this blog will be free of grammar errors.