Confused about what indo board to get? Check out this buyers guide with video to find out what Indo balance board product will fit your goals the best.


As of June 21th 2017Indo board offers 9 different balance boards. Each product they make serves different purposes and behaves with different characteristics.

For each product i wrote a description, what is good about it, what is not good about it, who it would be best for, a video description,  and video showing the types of things that can be preformed with the product so you can make an informed choice and get the right board for your needs.


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Indo board makes some are great all around balance boards but if you already have some balance skills and or are into a board sport such as surfing, skateboarding, longboarding or snowboarding you might better off getting a Vew-Do board or Goofboard.

I recommend you check out my Vew-do board guide if you are into skateboarding or snowing boarding and check out my goofboard guide if you are into surfing.


How to choose the right accessories package to use with Indo boards


It can be a little confusion choosing what Indo board packages to get because Indo Board offers many different accessories to use with their boards. You get the board alone, the board with a roller, the board with their big or smaller balance cushion or their foam roller kit.

Using Indo boards with a roller is going provide the most challenging balance workout and allow you to perform the most amount of tricks but you have to be ok with knowing you will take a fall occasionally(especially when first learning).

Using the Indo Board with their flow cushions is a great place to start balance training if you are concerned about taking a hard fall because it is is much safer to use than using the board with the roller.

The larger cushion will provide more of a challenge to your balance than the smaller one depending on how much you inflate it.

The flow cushions can also be using to simulate the heel to toe balance that is used in many board sports.

Also the flow cushions are a good choice for practicing skateboarding ollies and flipping tricks with certain boards because you do not have to be concerned trying to land properly on a roller, you can just focus on learning how to do the trick.

Additionally, the cushions are great if you are planning to use the board to provide instability for workout routines and exercises with free weights.

I do not recommend using free weights on a balance board with a roller I think it is just too dangerous, check out my balance board safety guide for more tips how to reduce the chance of getting injured while using a balance board.

The foam roller kit will allow you to fill in the jump from learning to use the board with a stability pad and then going from using a fully inflated balance cushion to a roller.


The original indo board

The board size is 30in. x 18in. , has a 250 lbs weight limit, has a recommended max height limit of 6 foot 4in.  It is sold as the deck only in packages with either their 14in. cushion or a 6.5-inch roller or foam rockers.

The Indo Board Original is an excellent general purpose balance board. You can use the board for a range of purposes such as fitness,  general balance training, learning tricks, and rehabilitation.

I would not recommend it for someone who is heavier then 250 pounds or taller than 6ft 4inechs I would recommend you check out the indo board pro it has a higher weight limit and the larger size of the board allows taller people to use the board with a proper stance.

Also if you are into board sports, i think you can find a better board that is designed specifically for improving skills in your chosen board sport.


The indoboard Pro

The indo pro 42in. x 15 in, has a 350-pound weight limit, and it is sold as the deck only or in a package with an 8 1/2in. high roller or the large gigantic cushion.

This board is a great general fitness/balance board for anyone over 6ft the larger size of the board will provide more room to spread out your feet.

This board is a good board for practicing board walking skills due to it length.

This board is only ok to use if you are into board sports, If you want to practice carving skills, it can be utilized with the gigante cushion to simulate the feel of carving. But if you are trying to get better at a board sport there are better balance boards out there to work on flipping tricks, rotation skills and carving I would look into some of the Vew-Do boards.



The indo board mini original

The board is 28in. x 16in. and is used with their 5in high roller. It is sold as a solo deck or in packages with the 14in flow cushion, 5in roller, and foam roller kit.

This small board was originally made to be used with their 14in. balance cushion for general balance training, stand-up desks, and physical therapy but they found when paired with their 5in roller it makes for a perfect children's balance board.

They recommend this board for children 3-8 years old.  For added safety i would start them out using the board with the balance cushion then once they get that down let them try using the board with the roller.

If you are looking for a general fitness/ balance trainer, you would be better off with larger board like the indo original or indo pro because they will give you more options of exercises and moves you can do with them.



The indo board mini Pro

This board is 39in. x 12in. , has a350-pound weight limit, and it uses an 8 1/2 in. roller or the large 24 in gigante cushion.

The type of movements that can be performed on this board are, board walking/dancing, slow rotations,  fitness exercises and general balance training.

This board is a little shorter and narrower than the indo pro board.

People looking for a fitness/balance board would be better of with the larger size board such as the indo original or indo pro.

 If you use the Gigante Cushion, you can also work on carving skills and 360-degree balance which is good for people into board sports.

If you are trying to improve in a board sport I recommend you look into a Vew-Do board they are better at working on flipping tricks, rotation skills, and carving.

The Indo rocker board


This board is 33in. x 15.5in. , has a 250-pound weight limit, It is sold as a solo deck or in packages with their 6.5 in high roller, 14 in flow cushion or foam roller package.

The unique thing about this board is that the board has a slight curve to it and does not have any stoppers on the bottom of the board to keep it from shooting out from under you.

 The curve in the board allows for you to quickly practicing spinning or rotation moves that are common in board sports.

This board would be best for wake boarders looking to improve their skills due to the similar size of a wakeboard and ability to practice spinning moves and ollies.

This board would also be good for someone who already has an indo original and is looking to continue to push their balance skills.

This board is an advanced balance board and would avoid it if you are new to balance training or just looking for looking for a general fitness/balance board.


The indo Kick tail pro

This board is 40 in x 10 in, has a 350-pound weight limit, sold as a deck only or in a package with a 6.5in wide roller.

This is another advanced balance board that is made for people into board sports, particularly wakeskating.

It features kick tails on the board to make it easier to practice moves like ollies and skateboard flipping tricks.

If you are looking for a fitness/balance board, i suggest you avoid this board.

I think their are better options for peopling looking for a balance board for skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding.

The indo kicktail mini

This board is 32in. x 8.75in. , has a140-pound weight limit and comes with a 5in. high roller. It is sold a solo deck or in a package with the 5in roller.

This board is made mostly for kids/teens and light weight people, the board size is similar in size to skateboard deck.

The board has double kick tails for practicing ollies and skateboard filipping tricks

A Vew-do board would be better if you are trying to get better at board sports, but they are a little more dangerous and challenging than this board.

Learning kicking tricks might be easier on this board then a Vew-do board because to land them all you have to do is fall on the roller whereas with a Vew-do board you have to get the track on the bottom of the board to line up correctly with the groove cut out on the roller.

This board would be good for a young kid to develop balance and coordination so they can get into a board sport. But if the kid can already skateboard a Vew-Do would be a better choice.


The indo yoga board.


This board is 69in. x 16in. x1 in. , has a 350-pound weight limit and no height limit.

This board is a specialized balance board made primarily for doing yoga on but can also be used as stand-up paddleboard yoga(SUP) trainer.

From the reviews that I have read by people who are into yoga they all say they enjoy it because it can make a simple yoga pose more challenging due to the I stability the board provides.

I would recommend this board for anyone who is at an intermediate or advanced level in yoga and is looking for a way to continue to challenge themselves.

 If you already own a SUP board you could save some money and use Indo gigante cushions under your board while you practice yoga.

Indo flow cushion

The 14in. Indo flow balance cushion inflates by mouth and the more you inflate the cushion more unstable, it becomes to balance on.

 It can be used alone for rehab/ prehab, balance training, and fitness.


The Indo gigante

The indo flow gigante24in. balance cushion. It inflates by mouth, and the more you blow up the cushion the more unstable it becomes to balance on.

The thing I like about this big cushion is that it allows you work on carving and 360-degree balance skills that you can not develop when using an indo board used the roller.

This larger cushion is better for working on board sport skills because it will provide more instability than the smaller cushion.  You can make a balance trainer by placing this cushions under an old skateboard deck, snowboard or surfboard.

Indo foam roller kit

The kit is composed of a 36in foam roller, cut up into an 18in foam roller, a half-round roller, two wedges and two slivers.
 If you are concerned about talking a lot of fall during the learning period, this kit will allow you to progressively work your way up to using a balance board with a roller
This product would be perfect for a physical therapist that needs to be able to change how challenging the board will be to use depending on the balance skills of their clients.
If you are already into board sports or have experience using a balance board with a roller, you will probably find using the board with these pieces of foam to be too easy.


If you got one of these boards and are not sure what else to do with it after you have masted rocking back and forth check out my article showing over 100 tricks and exercises you can do with a balance board.


If you have an indo board i would love to hear experience in the comment section below. How do you use the board the most? Are you happy with the board you decided to buy or do you think you should have gotten a different model or product? Should i add anything to this guide?


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